Friday, January 4, 2013

Lesson in creativity....

Abstract Flight

This is my latest painting. A textured abstract in acrylic paint. Unfortunately I do not like it. I was experimenting with another artist's technique. The artist is extremely talented and I greatly admire his art work. 

I was so caught up in following the technique that I did not follow my own creativity. It was a forced effort, not a natural flow of creativity from within myself.

It was a great lesson in creativity showing that what may work fabulously for one artist may not work for another. Although I believe it is important to constantly try new things it is also very important to listen to our inner artists. Technique is nothing without our own vision.

Although I do not like this painting, I will hang it in my studio as a daily reminder to focus on following my inspiration, not rules.


  1. I see your point, it does seem forced. Interestingly to me, the red slashes across the front seem the most organic. I think that was you coming through at the end.

  2. Such insight! When I had sketched the the blue rays in the painting, I had a beautiful vision at that point. I was so involved in the process of the technique that I blew past my vision and on to the next step. The sketch took a totally different direction and I lost the vision of the rays and how they played off of each other. I was frustrated with the process and disappointed with my result. After walking away for a day, I added the red slashes to the finished painting. That was actually my own vision.