Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Textured Landscape in Progress.....

This a a textured landscape that I have been working on. Although it is an acrylic painting it has been very similar to an oil painting process. Completing the sketch, adding the texture and waiting for it to dry, then layering the acrylic colors over each other while utilizing a color wash here and there to add depth to the texture. I love the effect that the texture has especially in the mountains and trees. It has been a fun piece to work on. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Lesson in creativity....

Abstract Flight

This is my latest painting. A textured abstract in acrylic paint. Unfortunately I do not like it. I was experimenting with another artist's technique. The artist is extremely talented and I greatly admire his art work. 

I was so caught up in following the technique that I did not follow my own creativity. It was a forced effort, not a natural flow of creativity from within myself.

It was a great lesson in creativity showing that what may work fabulously for one artist may not work for another. Although I believe it is important to constantly try new things it is also very important to listen to our inner artists. Technique is nothing without our own vision.

Although I do not like this painting, I will hang it in my studio as a daily reminder to focus on following my inspiration, not rules.