Friday, November 30, 2012

Janice Rockett

Find your passion and make it your profession … and you will never work again.

- Janice Rockett

I am still working on this myself. I know a few people that have made this a reality in their lives. It is inspiring and encouraging to see others happily successful at what they love. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Series 0004 Valley of Fire

Series 0004 Valley of Fire Part 1

Series 0004 Valley of Fire Part 2

Series 0004 Valley of Fire Part 3

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wet Paint.....

To be honest about myself, I am a “Type A” personality. I have even been accused of being a perfectionist several times in my life. I am seriously over organized. I lived my life by lists, always prepared and thinking ahead. Don’t laugh but I am able to locate just about anything in my home in the complete dark. It’s alright if you laugh, I have finally reached the point where I can laugh at myself.

For many years I thought this was both a blessing and a curse. Organizational skills were definitely an attribute in my career and finances. In my personal life they were very helpful but also enslaving and overwhelming. I reached a point where I was exhausted from trying to complete everything on the lists. They were never ending. Even though I would accomplish so much I would still feel like a failure because there was so much more that was not done.  I tried so very hard to “be done”.  It was an impossible chore.

I am not sure exactly why or when (most likely because it wasn’t on my list) I decided it was more of a burden than a help to live this way. I came to the conclusion that my self-appointed tile of “Super Mom” was over rated. “Mom” was enough. “Mom” was perfect. I was taking myself way too seriously.

I sat down and had a long talk with Ms. OCD that ran my life and negotiated a treaty. Of course the major responsibilities of paying the bills, taking care of personal business, keeping our home clean and food in the house need not be discussed. As for all of the other undone items, I gave myself permission to not impose unnecessary deadlines. I agreed that it was perfectly alright to have projects in the process, items undone, unlisted and open ended.  I chose to call it my “wish list” instead of my “to do list”.

By creating this change in my mindset I soon began to see how much I had been missing. I was surprised how many opportunities are available every day.  I love trying new things and going new places and I dove right in. Totally unrelated to my new freedom, my sister recommended the book “An Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. Lovely synchronicity, absolutely lovely. I have read it twice and will read it again when I want to spark some new creativity in my life. Julia leads her readers though exploring their hidden talents. I discovered I had been so busy being a grownup that I had forgotten many of the creative things I enjoyed doing.

It is so very important to be open to new experiences. I strongly believe that by intentionally creating positive changes in our lives we discover talents we didn’t even know that we had. How can we possibly know that we have an intense passion if we have never even considered it?

I embrace change. I am undone and I am at peace. I have very proudly hung a “Wet Paint” sign on my life. I hang it where ever I like and I move it around as much as I want. It is the perfect addition to my life d├ęcor.

 If you would like more information regarding “The Artist’s Way” and Julia Cameron please follow this link -